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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

Josephine Sullivan is ecstatic to be making her off-broadway debut at 54 below! She is from Huntington and is currently a junior at Huntington High School. Josephine has been a proud member of the RAFCO family for about a year now and is so incredibly grateful for the opportunities provided by them. Beyond the stage, Josephine is involved in her school’s symphony orchestra, chamber choir, and a cappella group. She takes dance classes and is also a part of two local groups run by music professors in her town! She has also had the privilege of assistant student directing the musicals at the intermediate schools in the Huntington school district, furthering her involvement in the theatre industry and allowing her to foster her love for it by teaching younger kids who share the same interests! She would like to thank RAFCO first and foremost for this opportunity, as well as each of her mentors, friends, and family for supporting through her journey in the theatre community!