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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

54 Below would like to recognize and thank our Inaugural Committee donors for their generous commitment as we continue to preserve and expand the cabaret tradition as a nonprofit organization. The initial support from our Inaugural Committee donors plays a crucial role in 54 Below’s programming and initiatives and helps us welcome even more artists and audiences into Broadway’s Living Room.

Steven and Eda Baruch
Mike Blank
David Breger
Peter Bye
Len and Heather Cariou
Bill Baker and Alan Cheinstein
Robert L. Dilenschneider
Lorraine DiPaolo
The Marjorie and Robert Feder Philanthropic
Richard Frankel
Jennifer L. Futch
Bruce and Alice Geismar
Howard Gilman Foundation
Kenneth Greiner
The Thomas R. and Maren R. Hood Charitable
Patty Laxton & Fred Kaufman
Willette & Manny Klausner
Debby Landesman
Judith Margulies
Matt Miller
Dr. Mooves A&D
Javier Morgado
The Kevin R. Lyle and Renee
M. Chatelain Family Fund
Eleanor & Howard Morgan Family Foundation
Lee Perlman and Linda Riefberg Giving Fund
Susan and Elihu Rose
Spencer F. Simon
Tom Viertel & Pat Daily
Kara Unterberg
Lucille Werlinich
Puffin Foundation West



Anonymous (15)
Charles Alexander
Tara Allmen
Margot Astrachan
Johnathon Atwood & Jacques Maitre
Mark Baxter
Brandon, Catherine & Bailey Beck
Pamela Begue
Richard Booth
Rob Bovitz
Ann Boyer
Bruce & Autumn Braswell
Karen Brompton
Matthew Brown
Jim and Tami Butler
David Cafferty
Christopher Caracci and James Boswell
Celia Castevens
Patrick Collier
Keryn Corcoran & Lucy Prespolis
Raul Corrêa da Silva
Ellen M Cosgrove & Jeffrey Fahl
Chris Cowen and Dante Reyes
Joy Cusick, Michael Friedman & Emma Friedman
Pat Daily
Tony Danza
Jan Delaney
T.G. DeZastro, M.D.
Rob & Idan Doerfler-Eckstein
Apryl Donnelly
Brian J. Duffy
Violet and Chris Eagan
Shari & Ken Eberts
Hazel & Russel Fershleiser
Alan Foster & Esteban Fuertes
Kay Foster
Barbara and Richard Franco
Ken Fulton
Michele Garside
Lenore Glickhouse
Gail Gordon
Hal Brody Productions
Dr. Christopher Hall
John Hamilton
James Held
Andrew Hill
Mike, Eileen and Maggie Hilliard
Terry Hofler & Marvin Anden
Paula & Ken Horn
Schuyler Hooke
Jamie Hubbard and Douglas Johnson
Michael and Jolie Hughes
Charlene James
Joyce M. Jezeer
Tapley and Jean Johnson
Tom Marshall and Kathy Keneally
Andrew Kim
Ron Kitlas and Laura Famularo
Stephen Kleinberg
Bear Kosik
Thomas Kranz
Dr. Anthony Laneve
Sandra Leach
Paul Leone
Spencer Leuenberger
Peter Lichtenthal & Perry Eisman
Harriet Lipsitz
Penny Ayn Maas and Jessica Humphrey
Elizabeth Mack
John Mackessy & Walt Kiskaddon
Bill Major and Robert Babcock
Sharon Maribeth Malone
Craig Martin
Eileen Marzola
The Massarotti Family
Michael Mathis
Mitchell Maxwell
Merahn Family
Calvin Mew
Lowell Meyerson
Pamela Milam and Jamie B. Fowler
Richard and Merle Milder
Ann Miner
Bonnie J. Monte
Mia Moravis & Chris McCartie
Dave and Barbara Morgan
Roberta Moutal
Eric Mraz
Krystle Murillo
Anthony Napoli and Gary Newman
Nancy Nareski
Gary Northrup
Mr. Jack O’Connor & Dr. Julie O’Connor
Tom O’Connor
The Doctors Ogden, Doc and Denise
Barbara Olcott
PBAC and Associates
Wendy Peck Charitable Fund
Todd Petzel and Kate Dressel
The Pietenpol Family
S. Margaret Pike
Mark Pimble and Benjamin Finzel
Michael Pollack
Jefrey Pollock and Deborah Brown
Cara and Andrew Powell
Beth Portolese
Paula & Irving Pozmantier
Brian Price and Paul Anagnostos
Barbara Pryor
Robecca Quammen
Judy Racoosin
Brendon Ratner
Richard Neal Ray
Sue & Lester Reingold Fund
Katharine & Grant A. Rice
Chris Rivers
Jen Robinson
Miguel A Rodriguez Jr
Jay A Rose and John D Wheby
Philip Manin and Dr. David Rosenberg
James Rosenblum
Susan Roy
Ms. Lori Rutter & Mr. Jeff Behrens
Robert J. Rzasa and Elizabeth Rzasa
James M Salemi & Kenneth J. Bartschi
Nancy Savitt & Bill Farrell
Jerry Scally
Matthew Schermerhorn
Paul Schorr III
Charles Schueler
Andrew and Joe Schulz
Adam Schwab
Lani Serota
Patricia Kearns Shannon
Charles Simon
Brian Sokoloff and Mitch Paluszek
Bettina Spencer
Ken Starrett
Christian Stein
Mark Stein
Chuck and Tami Stencel
Judy Stewart
Tom Stovall-Guthrie
Lynn and Bruce Surry
David E Tapley
Courtney Thomasma
David Thompson
Andrew Tobias
Stephanie and Tony Torre
Edward L. Tulin & Nicholas Wilson
Gregory Tully
Frank Wagner & Lynn O’Hearn Wagner
Jeff Weinberger
Lou Weiss and Danny Martin
Jerry Wheelock and Elizabeth Wood
Lynne Whitman & Dan Solender
Matthew Witten
Dr Jeff Wolper
Billy F.B Wong & Stephanie Gordon
Andy & Lora Woodruff
Jennifer Wray
Timothy Zheng


Inaugural Committee listing is as of 6.21.2023. If you have any questions about your support or if you’d like to update your donor listing, please contact the Development Department at