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54 Below

54 Below mission statement


At 54 Below, our mission is to preserve and expand the art of the cabaret while providing an unparalleled audience experience. We’re committed to growing opportunities for diverse communities of emerging and established artists and to expanding their audiences. We aim to present work that is vivid, immediate, enlightening and entertaining that reflects the world around us and the imagination of the artists. We honor the cabaret tradition and the music and community of Broadway by pursuing excellence in content, performance, hospitality and cuisine.



upcoming 54 below initiatives


Ticket subsidy

At 54 Below, we have been and remain committed to opening our doors to an economically diverse audience of all ages and backgrounds. In furtherance of that, over the past ten years we distributed a limited but significant quantity of discounted and complimentary tickets in an effort to increase accessibility for our audience.

Our Ticket Subsidy Initiative will provide funds that allow us to continue and expand these efforts to welcome new audiences to Broadway’s Living Room.

To jumpstart our Ticket Subsidy Initiative we will continue to provide discounted tickets to the public based on availability and will seek funding to launch a new program offering discounted tickets to audience members under 35. Details of number of tickets, prices and manner of distribution will be announced soon but beginning in June, a pilot project will offer these subsidized tickets for a select number of shows.

We intend, in time, to expand this program by offering ten $15 tickets to every one of the 600 performances presented annually at 54 Below.

The Ticket Subsidy Initiative increases accessibility for audience members who otherwise may not be able to cover the full cost of attending a performance at 54 Below.

Artist subsidy

At 54 Below, we are committed to supporting the work of both established and emerging artists and recognize that for many artists, the cost of developing and presenting work is not entirely covered by the necessarily modest performance fees they receive.

The Artist Subsidy Initiative will seek to provide artists with funds to cover additional artist compensation, rehearsal space rentals, music preparation materials and other costs involved in the creation of performances.

Beginning in Fall 2023, on a limited basis and expanding overtime, artists will be invited to apply for a $500 grant for a specific show through a simple application process. Artists will be selected by a committee, which will consider a variety of criteria including financial need, career implications, subject matter, instrumentation, and originality.

Through the Artist Subsidy Initiative, 54 Below will support artists with additional resources, creating opportunities for artists that may not typically be able to perform in our space.

live streaming support

Since 2020, we have expanded our reach by offering streams of live performances direct from Broadway’s Living Room. Through state-of-the-art, remote-controlled cameras, audio equipment and software, we have made over 180 performances available to over 20,000 fans across the globe.

We are committed to increasing accessibility through live streamed performances. This program will help cover the costs associated with streaming, providing more artists with the opportunity to reach audiences at home.