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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

Philip W. Leon is absolutely thrilled to make his debut on the stage at 54 Below this summer! Born in Miami, Florida, but currently a student at West Babylon High School in New York, Philip has dedicated nearly half his life to theatre. He has had the incredible privilege to play the roles of both Billy Nolan and Tom Collins in Carrie: The Musical and RENT at RAFCO respectively. Beyond the stage, Philip has been an active leader in his school community, as he served on the Student Council and as a member of Tri-M, the national music honor society. He also refined his vocal talents with a brief but impactful stint in the acapella group SOL (Sing Out Loud). Philip is profoundly grateful for this opportunity, and he is eternally indebted to both his parents, who continue to support him and help him elevate his craft as he navigates through life as a young actor. He would like to give a big shoutout to all of his wonderfully supportive friends, mentors, and the entire creative team of RAFCO for their unwavering support, as he wouldn’t be here today without them. On a mission to eventually make his debut on the silver screen, Philip continues to work hard and learn new skills every day, and with such an ambitious goal, he is so grateful and honored to have RAFCO by his side to help make his dreams a reality.