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54 Below

Our Big Fat Then Thin Then Fat Again Italian Cornfed Platonic Commitment Ceremony (or OBFTTTFAICPCC for short)

Performers Ally Bonino (all of the Feinstein’s/54 Below shows/concerts, Merrily We Roll Along, Dogfight) and Joel Waggoner (School of Rock, Southern Comfort, JoelCappella) cordially invite you to their not-so-tying of the knot in this evening of stupid stories, soulful songs, glitter, unicorn horns, and probably cake. More likely than not, cake. And probably also a chocolate fountain. Yeah, definitely a chocolate fountain. Come share in all of the platonic love, June 14th at the swankiest spot in town for all of your commitment ceremony needs. See you there! ::burst of glitter::

This show is part of Feinstein’s/54 Below’s Summer 2018 concert series: Duo Shows at 54! From partners to siblings to co-stars and beyond, these evenings will celebrate the special collaboration of two artists brought together. Join us as some of today’s greatest performers team up with each other for this unique and exciting series.

Past Performances

  • Thu, Jun 14 :9:30 pm
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