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54 Below

Their sold-out magnum opus Bonnie Milligan and Natalie Walker Were Always Supposed To Do A Show On September 6th and Have Been Working On It For Months drew raves like “how is this legal?” and “something is terribly wrong with everyone involved.” Unrepentant for and unsatisfied by the previous carnage wrought, Bonnie Milligan (Theatre World Award winner, Outer Critics Circle and Drama League nominee) and Natalie Walker (Central New York Region BroadwayWorld Audience Award 4th Runner-Up) now return to their opulently chaotic karaoke room for a two-night Halloween engagement that promises to be as sinister, depraved, and utterly twisted as when the Joaquin Phoenix Joker trailer used “Send in the Clowns” and you went “is that… ‘Send in the Clowns’?”

The Graveyard Smash will consist of two unique nights of Belting, Bloodshed (Natalie’s larynx trying to keep up with Bonnie), and “Boo” (famous Halloween word popularized by ghosts): the Séance of Stars (Oct 30) and the Jaunt of Haunt (Oct 31).

Oct 30, Séance of Stars: Bonnie (who Vulture calls “a thrill to watch”) and Natalie (who Vulture calls “because she missed another deadline for that piece she was supposed to submit last week and they need an ETA”) will prepare for All Hallows’ Eve by calling forth the spirits of legendary women who are no longer with us, beginning with an evocation of Marilyn Monroe, because “Smash.”

Featuring Kuhoo Verma (The Big Sick, Octet)

Oct 31, Jaunt of Haunt: Bonnie (who has said “Natalie please stop publicly putting yourself down it’s a really dark side of you that I don’t think reads as charming as you think it does”) and Natalie (who has said “no”) will navigate various villains/monsters/creatures of the night and make 54 Below their own little hell house of horror subgenres, beginning with a harrowing exploration of cults, because the cult of “Smash.”

Featuring Heath Saunders (Alice by Heart, The Great Comet), Jason Veasey (A Strange Loop, The Lion King), Dana Scurlock (“The Duece”), Alexis Molnar (“Rise,” Dear Evan Hansen), and Ally Bonino (Dogfight, Merrily We Roll Along)

Music Direction by Dan Garmon

Please note that all artists and acts are subject to change at any time.

Past Performances

  • Wed, Oct 30 :8:30 pm
  • Thu, Oct 31 :7:00 pm
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