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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

June 16, 2015

Cover charge: $25-35
Premiums: $60

Cover Charge Additional $5 At Door

$25 Food & Beverage Minimum


Tue, Jun 16 9:30pm Doors: 8:45pm Tickets


Palmetto Records presents
Acclaimed Australian vocalist
Chris McNulty

Since her emergence on the international jazz scene in 1991, McNulty has been hailed by critics as a jazz vocalist-composer with a unique vision, boundless creative energy and a distinctive style. Joined by the magnificent John Di Martino quartet and accompanied by a chamber ensemble featuring arrangements by gifted Australian orchestrator, Stephen Newcomb, Chris McNulty will present a selection of songs from her stunning new release, Eternal.

For decades McNulty has been wowing audiences with her story telling prowess, with critics saying: “Superb is the only way to describe her…. she is rhythmically breathtaking…..a class act. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire never danced to ‘Cheek to Cheek’ the way McNulty sang it as she took it uptown.” (Kevin Jones, The Australian). Well-known to those who’ve had the pleasure of experiencing her live, McNulty has the rare ability to cast a spell, transporting the entire audience to another realm with her gorgeously heartfelt and emotionally moving treatments.

Critics describe McNulty’s voice as one of “serene beauty and compelling emotional fervency” (Jazz Wise UK). The Irish Times writes “how she is isn’t better known is a mystery. She’s a much more impressive performer than many of her more celebrated colleagues.” Not only does McNulty breathe new life into well worn standards, she makes tunes like Bacharach’s “One Less Bell To Answer” or Legrand’s “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life” uniquely her own. Her story telling gift has you hanging on every phrase. As Christopher Loudon (Jazz Times) so aptly puts it, “ She has an uncanny ability to temper prevailing melancholy with an under current of hope-fueled anticipation, resulting in a fascinating sense of looking simultaneously backward and forward.” In more robust, uptempo classics such as “On a Clear Day” her voice takes on a soaring, passionate, “Streisand” type quality.

Eternal is a homage to the life of her son, Sam.

“The resultant blend is beautiful and seamless, as sensitivity reigns supreme.” –All About Jazz

“From the very first minute we hear McNulty’s eloquent, exquisite vocals …we know this is an album we are going to be listening to time and time again” –UKVibe

“This is a release of simple unadorned splendor, an organic outpouring of emotion and love. ‘What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life’ is nothing short of exquisite.” –Critical Jazz

Past Performances

  • Tue, Jun 16 :9:30 pm
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