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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

April 5, 2014

Cover charge: $45

Cover Charge Additional $5 At Door

Food & Beverage Minimum $25


Sat, Apr 5 7:00pm Doors 5:00pm Buy Tickets

*Tickets on the day of performance after 4:00 are only available by calling 646.476.3551.

Death at The Deveruex, written and directed by Charlotte Yakovleff and performed by The Devereux Theater Players, is an original murder mystery musical comedy set back in the 1920’s. Guests have been invited to the grand re-opening of Bobby Lyle’s speakeasy, The Devereux. With Bobby’s obsession over his biggest competitor and nemesis, Johnny Bostello owner of The Brigadoon, the stage is set for murder and confusion. As the play begins someone, oddly enough, dies. (Who would have thought someone would die in a murder mystery) Throughout the evening guests (the audience) will wonder who-dun-it, while each cast member tries to avoid getting thrown to the coppers, and tries to figure out if Bobby Lyle’s on the level or if he’s the fall guy and will be left holding the bag. So put your glad rags on, and get a wiggle on down to The Devereux, where you can join us for some giggle juice and a have jazzy good time!  The musical play will feature original Off-Broadway cast members Matt Brooks, Lynne Strang, Phil Williams, Ara Casey, Terri Grimes-Marin, Charles Hoffman, Teri Pierce, Jim Boykin, Stephanie Lawrence, Helen Rusnak, Jolanda Janczewski, Teri Meyer, Daniel Serpati, Matt Robinson, Dianne Janczewski, Marie Koneczny, and Charlotte Yakovleff.

Death at the Devereux is produced, written and directed by Charlotte Yakovleff and performed by The Devereux Theatre Players. Music Direction is by Marie Koneczny.