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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

Welcome back to your favorite rent controlled Greenwich apartment with the six friends you still can’t get over. Join the famous gang from Friends in the parody, I Was There for You. The fan-favorite, 90s sitcom pivots back into your lives in this original musical comedy. Hear beloved moments from the show musicalized with songs like, “Unagi,” “When Were You Under Me?”, “The Chandler Bing Job Interlude,” and of course, “I Was There for You!” If you would love to hear Joey rap, Phoebe riff, or a caffeinated six part harmony, could this be a better show for you?

Music & Lyrics by: Rachel Lind
Book by: Rachel Goddard
Orchestrations by: Steven Esposito

The cast includes:
Rachel Goddard as Rachel
Nathan Goodrich as Chandler
Rachel Lind as Monica
Michael Pigliavento as Joey
Erica Mini as Phoebe
Bryce Dutton as Ross
Halley Gilbert as Janice, et all
Andreas Wyder as Gunther, et all

Past Performances

  • Fri, Apr 28 :11:30 pm
  • Fri, Jun 23 :11:30 pm
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