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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

Remembering Amazing Grace, Spring Awakening, and More
February 25, 2016

Cover charge: $35 – $45
Premiums: $75

Cover Charge Additional $5 At Door

Food & Beverage Minimum: $25

Thu, Feb 25 7p Doors: 5:15p Tickets
Thu, Feb 25 9:30p Doors: 8:45p Tickets

As awards season approaches, all the focus is on the 745 new shows opening just under the deadline. But as we eagerly await what’s next, let us not forget those pioneers who opened in the Fall and have left us far too soon.

Tonight we celebrate those brave shows and the actors & creatives who brought them to the stage. Join us for an evening of behind-the-scenes stories, photos, and of course music, to remember and rejoice in those shows that are gone-but-not-forgotten.

Hosted by Julie James (SiriusXM Radio’s Broadway Names with Julie James), the evening will feature songs & stories from original cast members of Allegiance, Amazing Grace, Dames at Sea, Gigantic, and Spring Awakening!

Aaron Albano (Allegiance) 9:30pm Only
Belinda Allyn (Allegiance)
Robert Ariza (Spring Awakening)
Katie Boeck (Spring Awakening)
Alex Boniello (Spring Awakening)
Tessa Grady (Dames at Sea)
Eloise Kropp (Dames at Sea)
Jared Loftin (Gigantic)
Erin Mackey (Amazing Grace)
Bonnie Milligan (Gigantic)
Larry Owens (Gigantic)
Cole Ragsdale (Gigantic)
Ryann Redmond (Gigantic)
MiMi Scardulla (Gigantic)
Sam Tanabe (Allegiance)
Josh Young (Amazing Grace)