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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

with Aaron Ramey, Ashley Loren, Brian Charles Rooney, and Jenna Leigh Green
March 12, 2015

Cover charge: $25-35
Premiums: $60

Cover Charge Additional $5 At Door

$25 Food & Beverage Minimum


Thur, Mar 12 9:30p Doors: 8:45p Tickets


Let’s Duet! is a celebration of the great songs from the radio, movies and Broadway that have demonstrated the very unique power of two killer voices sounding off simultaneously. The evening will feature a spectacular set list of duets sung by Aaron Ramey (Bridges of Madison CountyYoung Frankenstein), Brian Charles Rooney (Threepenny OperaBed Bugs The Musical), Ashley Loren (American Idol, Jekyl & Hyde), and Jenna Leigh Green (WickedBare), as well as a performance from Broadway musician Justin Goldner, led by the incomparable Matt Gallagher. The comedy, pathos and passion that can be expressed when two singers inhabit the same piece of music is breath-taking and instantly memorable. Be there to hear the power of some of your favorite duets live.  Sure, everyone loves to hear a spectacular voice in concert.  But if one is so good, well then two at the same time?!  That’s just magic – so let’s duet!!