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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

This event is being streamed online. To purchase tickets for the in-person event, click here.

In 1997, the first incarnation of The Tom Kitt Band played its very first show at The Continental. The members of that first version of the band lasted six months or so and soon, Tom was joined by Damien Bassman on drums, Michael Aarons on Guitar, and Dan Grennes on bass.

Twenty five years later, Tom, Dan, Mike, and Damien are still together. These brilliant musicians are like family, and nothing makes them happier than finding themselves on stage making music together. But as they’ve grown and life has taken them in different directions, it gets harder for the four of them to find themselves in the same city at the same time.

Happily, Tom has come to realize that The Tom Kitt Band extends beyond the four members. For it’s about a sound and a feeling, and Tom has been privileged to have many brilliant musicians by his side, making the music in his head sound richer and fuller than he could have ever imagined.

Michael Aarons is not able to join, but the band is beyond excited to welcome two honorary members: guitarists Ann Klein and John Kengla, most recently rocking out at Almost Famous. The last time the band played 54 Below was before the pandemic, so this will be a special evening where they get to celebrate the power of live music, and revel in lifelong friendships, old and new.

Live from 54 Below is a new series featuring streams of LIVE performances direct from Broadway’s Living Room! Designed to make more shows accessible to fans from across the globe and to recreate the live experience, all shows will be presented exclusively at the time of performance with an in-house audience and will not be available on demand afterwards.

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  • Tue, Apr 4
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