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Morgan Reilly is 30 years old. The last time she did a solo show, she was 25 and convinced she had her entire life mapped out. In the past five years, that route has taken more turns than a broken GPS.

She moved over 11 times (she counted), gave up performing to bartend at a restaurant in her hometown when Broadway shut down on her birthday, went viral on TikTok for impersonating riffing animals (yes, really), and somehow made her Broadway, national tour, and Vegas debuts in the Tony Award®-winning Freestyle Love Supreme, having never freestyled in front of people before.

Morgan is going to unpack it all, from the infamous summer of 2018 to the origin of her nickname, Hummingbird, and everything that’s led to the beginning of a brand new decade. She is 30, flirty, and, indeed, thriving. Music direction by James Sampliner.


Tyler Conroy (singer-songwriter)
Joey Contreras
(In Pieces)
Julian Diaz-Granados (Dear Evan Hansen)
Mia Gerachis (Pretty Woman national tour, Elf national tour)
Keirsten Hodgens (SIX)
Adelaide James (The Dance Machine tour)
Jake McKenna (Bound for Broadway)
Dizzy SenZe (Freestyle Love Supreme)

Joined by:

Shannon Molly Flynn
Taylor Scott
The Nice Guys (Brad Bailey, Trevor Brown, and Eddy Marshall)

Please note that all artists and acts are subject to change at any time.

Past Performances

  • Wed, May 17 :7:00 pm
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