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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

MuseMatch is a Musical Theater Blind Date Collaboration, where composers are paired with singers they don’t know and are asked to share their deepest, personal joys and fears; and make a song together. All for charity.

Glenn Seven Allen
Traci Bair
Lauren Fijol
Jacey Powers
Erin Quill
Lauren Hooper
Tiffany Chalothorn
EJ Zimmerman Allen
Eric LaJuan Summers
Sharone Sayegh
Omar Lopez Cepero
Bryna O’Neill
Hansel Tan
Jason Veasey
Kyle Scatliffe
Alena Watters


Jessica Wu
Andrew Sotomayor
Timothy Huang
Rob Baumgartner & Nathan Dame
Sami Horneff
Emily Chiu & Keurim Hur
Jennifer Sanchez
Ben Boecker
Joy Son
Yan Li
Ashkon Davaran
Heath Saunders
Trevor Bachman
Zack Zadek
Caleb Damschroder
Alexander Sage Oyen

Past Performances

  • Fri, Oct 14 :11:30 pm
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