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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

Set to an Indie, American Gothic score, Then She Ran is a modern folktale musical exploring the heroine’s journey through the eyes of three women from different generations, and a group of mystical, vagabond artists called the Bone Crew who use their music to guide lost people toward their truth. For a price, of course. In this show, secrets are the currency, music unlocks magic, and all are responsible for each other’s empowerment Then She Ran sets out to disrupt the notion of the classic hero’s journey story – man (or woman) versus the world, individual rising on a linear path toward victory – in exchange for something that felt truer to the collective experience of growth – a reckoning with the self through the mirror of our community. This show is about looking inward and letting the subconscious be our guide through fear, trauma, and life-changing moments, so that we may heal and move forward.

Join Alex Becker, Kat Cartusciello and an all-female cast and band at Feinstein’s/54 Below for an evening of swampy, bluesy, feral, songs that are sure to raise the hairs on your arm.

Jessie Jo Pauley (Feinstein’s/54 Below’s “The Basement Mixtape”) as Desiree
Sushma Saha (Work In Progress: The Next Generation of New Writers) as Sam
Rachel Lloyd (Work In Progress: The Next Generation of New Writers) as Margot
Isabel Rose Bustamante as a Bone Crew member
Emily Anne Goes as a Bone Crew member
Sabrina Gottlieb as a Bone Crew member
Senna Prasatthong as a Bone Crew member
Tatiana Wechsler (Love in Hate Nation) as a Bone Crew member

Please note that all artists and acts are subject to change at any time.

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required to enter the club.

Past Performances

  • Fri, Feb 11 :9:45 pm
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