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The Songs of Joshua Stackhouse: You’ve Never Heard of Him, But…

“Joshua Stackhouse combines feeling, finesse, and fun in equal measure. You’ll be entertained so thoroughly that it might take a while to realize you’ve also been moved, instructed, and even inspired.” – Michael Feinstein

Feinstein’s/54 Below is proud to introduce the yet undiscovered composer-lyricist Joshua Stackhouse. No, he hasn’t written anything you know. No, he doesn’t have millions of followers on Twitter. No, he isn’t related to Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood –– seriously, stop asking. And yet despite all this, his melodies are catchy, his rhymes are brilliant, and we just know he’s going to premiere a great show!

Although not yet a household name, Stackhouse has been busy getting pieces performed in Chicago, Vancouver, and even here in New York –– where things actually matter. And behind the scenes, our guy has honed his craft under the tutelage of Andrew Lippa (“Writer’s Bloc” workshop), Michael John LaChiusa (“InTune” workshop) and Jeff Blumenkrantz who has described Stackhouse’s work as “very tuneful and well-written”!

Madeline Smith, the youngest woman (ever!) to conduct a Broadway orchestra, will serve as Music Director for the show, which will feature a cast of exciting performers to be announced…

You’re probably thinking: “I don’t know, this all sounds like hype.” Look, all we’re saying is that those of us who have heard his stuff agree: bet your biscuits, this kid’s got the sauce. We know you’ve never heard of him, but…


George Salazar
Jared Loftin
Elijah Caldwell
Matt DaSilva
Jonathan Furedy
Jonathan Stevens
Rachel Flynn
Latoya Edwards
Lena DaBrusin
Caitlin Donohue

Past Performances

  • Fri, Feb 10 :9:30 pm
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