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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

A “Benefit” for Victims of Earworm
June 20, 2015

Cover charge: $25-35
Premiums: $65

Cover Charge Additional $5 At Door

Food & Beverage Minimum $25


Sat, Jun 20 9:30pm Doors 8:45pm Buy Tickets


The Germans call it “Ear Worm,” the French “Stubborn Music,” and the Italians “Tormenting Songs,” but in any language the phenomenon is the same: a song gets stuck in your head and stays there, burrowing its way into your subconscious until all you can hear is “Jellicle Cats” over and over and over again.

We are here to help. Research is underway to help victims of this unbearable malady, and our show of support can make a difference. We have gathered a team of expert performers to help us explore what makes an earworm — and what we can do about it. Featuring songs from Broadway, film, and the radio, this show will have you tapping your toes for a good cause — and absolutely won’t have you humming these songs for the rest of the week. Brought to you by the team behind SONDHEIMAS: producers Maggie Larkin and David Levy and music director Andrei Strizek.

Justin Barnette (Broad City, Hairspray)
Ariane Rinehart (The Sound of Music Live!)
Steven Cuevas (Close Than Ever)
Molly Pope (Found)
James Jackson, Jr. (The Black-Ups)
Olli Haaskivi (Saturday Night)
Aaron David Gleason (Midnight at 9:30)