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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

“It’s our time, breathe it in:
Worlds to change and worlds to win.
Our turn, we’re what’s new,
Me and you, pal,

Me and you!”

Join the children of the original Broadway cast members of Merrily We Roll Along as they celebrate the show that brought all of their parents together in 1981! For the first time, the Merrily kids unite to share their voices, hearts, and stories with “me and you” and each other for one very special concert.

The tremendous cast list includes Jackie Asbury (daughter of Donna Marie Asbury “Terry”), Nick Foster (son of Liz Callaway “Nightclub Waitress”), Molly Model (daughter of Mana Allen “Girl Auditioning”), Sarah Moritz (daughter of Marc Moritz “Alex”), Blaine and Kailey Sayre (son and daughter of Clark Sayre “Soundman”), Finn Snyder (son of Terry Finn “Gussie”), Huck Walton (son of Ann Morison “Mary Flynn”) and Tyler Walton Zeller (daughter of Jim Walton “Franklin Shepard” and Janie Gleason, swing). More casting announced soon.

The concert is produced, directed, conceptualized, and created by Molly Model (daughter of Mana Allen “Girl Auditioning”) along with the help of many of the children and her fabulous assistant Melissa Singson. Musical direction will be by the incredible Michael Lavine

Past Performances

  • Tue, Jan 2 :9:30 pm
  • Wed, Jan 3 :9:30 pm
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