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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

August 1, 2015

Cover charge: $20
Premiums: $45

Cover Charge Additional $3 At Door

2 drink or $20 Food & Beverage Minimum

Sat, Aug 1 11:30pm Doors 11pm Buy Tickets


In August 2014, two crazy people had a thought: “Could theater reviews be both informative and entertaining?” The answer was “Yes!” and also “Oh god, what have we done.” At the beginning of each episode of Hot Pepper Theater, a reviewer eats something incredibly spicy—usually either a pepper (habanero or hotter) or a shot of hot sauce—then attempts to review something playing in New York. Only once they have finished their review and rated the play, and pepper, on a scale of 1 to 5, may they drink milk to relieve the pain. With our first birthday coming up soon, we’re leaping off the screen and onto 54 Below’s stage for TOO DARN HOT: Hot Pepper Theater LIVE! And we’re turning the tables: we’re making the performers take the heat.

Can a Broadway belter defy a Scotch Bonnet while she’s Defying Gravity? Will a drop of Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce make a juggler drop his pins? How much heat turns a Durang monologue into a real Actor’s Nightmare? Join us and our brave cast of guests from across the world of theater, cabaret, and burlesque as we test our mettle and spice up the night.

Hot Pepper Theater is created and produced by PowerOut co-founders Todd Brian Backus and Ben Ferber. Music Direction by Ian Axness. Co-Produced by David Levy. With mad props to our inspiration, Hot Pepper Gaming.

Ellie Frances (Ziegfeld’s Midnight Frolic)
Vince Gatton (New York Shakespeare Exchange)
Evan Maltby (Kapow-i Go-Go)
Brittany Allen (Let’s Play Play)
Rachel Graf Evans (Sirens of Gotham)
Koryna Flores (Hot Pepper Theater)
Erica Vlahinos (Zeigfeld’s Midnight Frolic)
Eric Williams (ELF The Musical, National Tour)