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54 Below

Varla Jean Merman

A Little White Music

Clear the Hudson River, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a great white beaching herself in Midtown! International chanteuse Varla Jean Merman is opening her jaws wide to take a bite out of the American Songbook. With A Little White Music, this salty songbird strikes up a honky hit parade of the whitest material to hit your ears since the invention of the Q-Tip. Featuring unforgettable takes on forgettable favorites, Varla Jean will drag you down to the depths of your AM radio dial.  Featuring Gerald Goode on piano. Written by Jeffery Roberson with Jacques Lamarre. Directed by Michael Schiralli.

Varla Jean Merman is the purported love child of Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine. Returning to Feinstein’s/54 Below, Varla Jean, aka Jeffery Roberson, unveils this new show that will leave audiences delighted. Jeffery starred in the musical Lucky Guy opposite Leslie Jordan in New York in 2011 at the Little Shubert Theatre, prompting The New York Times to rave, “If Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman had stood in front of the right pair of funhouse mirrors, they might have resembled Ms. Merman and Mr. Jordan in stature as well as comedic talent.” This past year, Jeffery completed shooting the sequel to the camp classic film Girls Will Be Girls, and Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads is now available on Off-Broadway audiences embraced Jeffrey when he played the title role in Giancarlo Menotti’s opera The Medium.

Past Performances

  • Wed, Apr 5 :9:30 pm
  • Thu, Apr 6 :9:30 pm
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