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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

The Bechdel Test” definition? A way of evaluating whether or not a work of fiction is sexist and gender stereotypes women.  To pass the Bechdel Test, according to acclaimed American cartoonist Alison Bechdel, a work must feature at least two women, these women must talk to each other, and their conversation must concern something other than a man. And in this show we plan to ACE this test!!! This show will be filled with songs sung by women for women about anything but men! Come out for a night of girl power as we empower, touch hearts, make you laugh, and look good while doing it all.


Viola Albright
Madeline Bourgeois
Alexa Chalnick
(composer for Disney’s “Hamster & Gretel”)
Addison Clover
Erin Rose Doyle
Rosie Dunphy (Cinderella at Spring Lake Theater)
Raquel Nobile Fernandez (Yiddish Fiddler)
Zoe Fox (Grease at Fulton Theater)
Sophie Goron
Mia Grizzuti
Jacqueline Birgitte Hennessy
(Tony and Tina’s Wedding tour)
Kendyl Ito (Waitress national tour)
Divine Iweha
Malea Kimberly

Claire Latourette (May We All at Titusville Playhouse)
Aly Marie Mazzie (Asking Alex tour)
Morgen McKynzie (Mean Girls film, 2024)
Rose Messenger
Morgan Paige
(Tap In Musical Barnsdall Theater)

Please note that all artists and acts are subject to change at any time.

Past Performances

  • Thu, Jul 11 :9:30 pm
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