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54 Below

Encore by popular demand! Throw your paddle in the ring armed with fistfuls of cash as you rival your fellow audience members to be the last bidder standing at our high-end art auction Beneath the Gavel. Feinstein’s/54 Below transforms into a Sotheby’s-like auction house complete with deep-pocket collectors, ruthless art dealers, celebrity artists, and cut-throat auctioneers all vying for the prized Haddie Weisenberg Collection. With world-renowned auctioneer Barbara Strongin at the podium, Beneath the Gavel exposes the hidden agendas and dirty secrets of the art world. As the stakes rise, so does the tension of a world that deals in billions. Not a Rockefeller? Don’t worry, Bated Breath provides the money.


Marisa Gold
Sean Hinckle
(Beneath the Gavel, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet)
Logan Keeler
(Julius Caesar, Rhinoceros, The Pillowman, Othello)
Jamie Roach
(AFTER, Anansi, Pagliacci)
Anna Stefanic
(I and You, The Last Bar At The End Of The World, The Human Incubator)
Barbara Strongin
Debra Walsh

Written and directed by Mara Lieberman in collaboration with Bated Breath Theatre Company. Assistant directed by Allison Houser, with Wednesday Sue Derrico as Production Stage Manager and Production Manager.

Beneath the Gavel opened Off-Broadway last spring at 59E59 Theaters and has been rewritten and custom-tailored for Feinstein’s/54 Below.

To see the Haddie Weisenberg Collection, visit us at

Past Performances

  • Fri, Sep 14 :9:30 pm
  • Fri, Apr 26 :9:30 pm
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