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2016 New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee Christian De Gré (Fatty Fatty No Friends) and award winning company Mind The Art Entertainment (Beware the Chupacabra & Whiskey Pants: The Mayor of Williamsburg) present a dark and twisted new song cycle about the horrors and wonders of death. Starring a macabre mix of Broadway veterans and Mind The Art all stars, A Drink with Death embarks on a journey to the underworld through the eyes of the mythical Mexican ambassador of death, La Muerte. As a handful of lost souls come face to face with their own demise, they take a final shot with La Muerte en route to whatever afterlife they believe in. Hailed as “Burton-esque, funny and heartbreaking, dark and light hearted, old school yet completely modern” join in the drunken celebration of our very own mortality.

“A creepy-carnival vibe. Simply put it’s twisted and wonderful.” –Time Out New York

“De Gre’s macabre songs are impressible sombre and earnestly spirited” –NY Theater Now

“De Gré’s Sondheim-esque operettas are the perfect answer to the accusation that there is no new musical theater of quality being made.” –OffTheBeatenTrackTheater

Featuring lyrics by: Joseph Reese Anderson, Serrana Gay, R. Patrick Alberty, Chuk Obasi, Ariana Paganetti, Alessio Cappelletti, Joe Kurtz, Michael Berberich & David Williams

Featuring performances by:

Jeff Kready–  A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder
Anne Tolpegin Billy Elliot
Craig WaletzkoKinky Boots
Harrison Chad– Caroline, or Change
Matthew Johnson HarrisWalk
Charly DannisBeware the Chupacabra
Vinnie Urdea– Fatty Fatty No Friends
Nicholas ConnollyWhiskey Pants: The Mayor of Williamsburg
Alexis Field– 50 Shades the Musical
Mollie CravenThe Commedia Rapunzel
Christian De Gré Twisted Operettas

Hosted by Robb Moreira as La Muerte

Christopher Gurr – Piano
Sarah Koenig-Plonskier – Violin
Sam Quiggins– Cello
Jeffrey Hodes– Bass Clarinet

Past Performances

  • Mon, Oct 24 :9:30 pm
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