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54 Below

A Nonprofit Cabaret Venue

Join us for a sneak peek at three brand new musicals, with writers from the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU Tisch and actors from throughout New York. This show is your chance to be the first to see what’s coming up next in the musical theater world in NYC! Featuring the works of an award-winning librettist, a NAMT grant recipient, an MIT graduate, performers from Broadway productions such as Dear Evan Hansen, and more!

Gabi Carruba (Dear Evan Hansen)
Ally Bonino
John Cardoza (Jagged Little Pill)
Mikki Sodergren
Daniel J Edwards
Cori Jaskier
Joanna Carpenter
Tommy McDowell
Jonathan Christopher

“I Believe in Darcy Green” by Martha-Emily Harvel & Kelsey Christine McConnell: This sci-fi romantic comedy uses time travel as a device to explore the human need for belief. The show follows Jack, a man with a growing dependency on alcohol, and Darcy, a woman who claims to be from the year 2077 with a broken time machine. Darcy says that the only people who can help her get back home are her grandparents, but her grandparents just happen to be Jack’s ex-fiancé and best friend.

“Heartbeat” by Nathan Fosbinder & Molly Reisman: After her sister dies unexpectedly in a car accident, 17 year old Mina Poleski begins hearing an ominous, otherworldly sound, and she can’t get it out of her head. Mina goes on a journey to find what the sound wants, and along the way discovers her own connection to grief and guilt in the wake of impossible loss.

“The Valley” by Eric Fegan & Jamie Maletz: Four tourists believe they have signed up for a volunteer trip to help “repair damage caused by local elements” in Iceland. And, technically, that IS what they’re doing. But definitely not in the way they expected. And the journey they get wrapped up in brings the very problems they were running away from to the surface. t’s a road trip adventure set against a backdrop of mythical Iceland, with trolls, magic, incredible scenery, and uncomfortably small camper vans.

Producer: Jamie Maletz

Please note that all artists and acts are subject to change at any time.

Past Performances

  • Sat, Jun 15 :11:30 pm
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