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54 Below

Join us for a supernatural evening of songs (and mini musicals!) by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz & Eric Fegan, Jess Newman, Sean Pallatroni, and Jack Trzcinski.

Featuring the works of an an EMMY® Award winning composer (Sean), a winner of the New York City Center Encores song-writing competition (Jess), and three more up-and-coming composers from the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU Tisch. This evening of musical theatre is one you won’t want to miss!

With 15-minute musicals about a man-eating sphinx, Hades, and Persephone; a 20-minute musical about the end of the world; and individual songs featuring ghosts, a djinn, a witch doctor, and a werewolf, the show is sure to leave you laughing, tapping your toes, and maybe experiencing a few goosebumps.

Jessie Alagna (Performer: The Sphinx)
Andi Lee Carter (Co-Host & Stage Manager)
Clarise Fearn (Performer: Persephone)
Eric Fegan (Music Director & Composer: “Just a Taste”)
Nathan Fosbinder (Performer: The Ghost)
Keri René Fuller (Waitress, Performer: The Djinn)
Devin Ilaw (Miss Saigon, Performer: Lyle)
Sarah Joy Kane (Performer: Jill)
Julia Procaccino (Performer: Jack)
Mikki Sodergren (Performer: Deb)
Eric Sorrels (Performer: The Witch Doctor)

Jamie Maletz (Lyricist/Bookwriter for all pieces, Composer: “Evil Eye”, “Let Her Go”, “Tell You What to Do”, and “This House is Our House”)
Jess Newman (Composer: “Beware”)
Sean Pallatroni (Composer: “Dry Spell”)
Jack Trzcinski (Composer: “The Arrival”)

Directed by Nathan Hunt

Past Performances

  • Sat, Aug 25 :11:30 pm
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